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What the show tends to elide is what all procedurals elide: the actual protocol involved in getting warrents, gathering evidence, general procedure, the waiting.

What’s interesting about is that these ellipses affect the speed at which the crime can be solved by SBPD.

Lassie is honestly excited about the protocol and showing his little sister a day in his life.

Here’s how Mashable describes it, under the headline “Creepy Local Chiropractor Ad Will Make You Wince”…

Remember that amazing/weird/hilarious/musical local auto ad that set the web on fire a couple weeks ago? This time it’s the Ryan Lee Chiropractic Center that gets the duo’s bizarre treatment.

Falcon Eyes has everyting you need to light your video scenes.

These lights provide you with a flicker-free, energy efficient and easy to use continuous lighting system for photo and video purposes.

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