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“This show sheds light on why this trend is happening and gives you an inside look at what real couples go through during this emotional and challenging relationship phase.”A Question of Love follows three couples as they move in together and are prompted to ask each other some of the most intimate, surprising, and occasionally uncomfortable and deal-breaking questions that most would never dare to inquire.

Over 30 days, the three couples will live together and see if they can use these questions to finally get to the truth.

She hosts the Dates & Mates radio show and podcast and was the dating expert on the FYI Television series, #Black Love.

Damona’s love advice has also been featured on Sirius XM, Huff Post, Newsweek, Essence Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Match.com, JDate, and hundreds of other media outlets and dating sites.

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Press Release (e PRNews.com) - LOS ANGELES - Jul 06, 2017 - Celebrity Dating Expert Damona Hoffman will be the host, relationship coach and consulting producer on her second series for the FYI Network, a division of A E Networks.“Co-habitation has increased nearly 30% in the last decade, yet marriage rates have been declining,” Hoffman said.Send them a 'thanks for the evening, it was fun' message, by all means, but if you don't get an immediate response, do NOT send another one to check to see if they got the first one or have had some terrible accident. This conversation always changes the energy of a new relationship in the early days, and not in a good way.We've all got a past, some of it fraught with angst, but leave this conversation for much later on down the line.Our suite of free interactive content including interactive data visualizations, polls, games, quizzes, and more instantly delivers publishers off-the-charts levels of engagement, revenue, and new traffic. In Habit uses AI to deliver premium, relevant interactive data visualizations at scale — enhancing editorial and boosting user-interaction, while seamlessly integrating brand messaging to focused and active users.Learn More “We’re most excited about increasing exposure to Arkadium’s content, subsequently increasing revenue, audience, and engagement.

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