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According to those who have argued against Riley and the gender imbalance, triple j and the music industry share no blame, it’s the voters who autonomously and with absolutely no influence make these decisions.As Riley explains in her article for the Guardian, “When both men and women invoke the fact the Hottest 100 is based on a popular vote as evidence, it couldn’t possibly be biased, they ignore the role of radio in creating context for music, and the insidious ways privilege influences taste: in play counts, in the inclusion and exclusion of genres, in who is interviewed and how they’re spoken to.” The funny thing is, the second you bring up male privilege, the reaction always seems to be the same: males jumping straight to the defence “stop hating on white men/it’s not our fault/I deserve everything I have because I work hard”. Women are telling you earnestly that something is wrong and we’re asking for solutions.For asymptomatic pregnant women residing in areas with ongoing Zika virus transmission, testing is recommended at the initiation of prenatal care with follow-up testing mid-second trimester.

I have two boys named Covil and Corbin who are 4 and 2. Sad but true, the only thing I couldn't live without is energy drinks, especially Monster. I instantly got nervous and I knew that I would have trouble with this girl... Updated guidelines include a new recommendation to offer serologic testing to asymptomatic pregnant women (women who do not report clinical illness consistent with Zika virus disease) who have traveled to areas with ongoing Zika virus transmission. health care providers caring for pregnant women during a Zika virus outbreak (1).The pair were part of the furniture on the TV series, with both Anton and Erin being part of the original cast of professional dancers.Unfortunately, neither Anton or Erin were able to lift the famous glitterball trophy before Erin's departure after the tenth series of the dance competition, while Anton still remains hot in pursuit.

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  1. Emilia went on: "It will go away, without a shadow of a doubt. The balance is having the confidence to go 'OK, I’m going to take that good thing', and try and believe two per cent of it and just be in that moment."Just being present, instead of looking over your shoulder.