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Maybe you are broadcasting a live speaker, and you have a recorded segment that offers an introduction.Maybe you have a commercial to transmit during a break in the live transmission.Teachers can not only create, record and share their custom lessons, but they can now interactively send their content to their students’ devices, ensuring their direct participation in the classroom session!Through the Class Send app, students are empowered to modify, annotate and transmit their work back to the teacher!From Reality to Music and Drama, more and more multi-cam shows are being finished in post but the ever-increasing numbers of record channels and the need for fast workflows makes timely show deliveries a challenge.Cinedeck’s four-channel ZX45 has long had the capability to do eight simultaneous records of DNx HD, Pro Res, etc., double the number of record channels while effectively cutting the per-channel cost in half.The second issue is that despite the obvious flaws in this system (in fact, in any system at all that says it can do something like this, like Examity), the company that makes this software will undoubtedly rake in the millions for their “solution”.From student fees to huge bills for colleges (and, if they’re state schools, for the taxpayers), these companies that guarantee no one using their software is cheating on exams seem like easy solutions to the fears of academics, who say that moving exams to the internet will cause rampant cheating.

National broadcaster BET (Black Entertainment Network) are currently rolling out their updated ZX45 systems.

From top to bottom, none of it really makes sense – it’s incredibly invasive: it tracks your eye motion through your webcam, it scans your knuckles as some weird form of identification, it uses facial recognition to make sure that you’re not someone else – and above all, it can be bypassed rather easily.

I’m not saying I have a better solution to make sure that students don’t cheat on online exams – but this solution is intrusive, and the “Big Brother”-ness of it is so crazy it sounds like it must be a joke (like knuckle scanning, for instance).

Most likely, those reading this already know how to broadcast live video.

Using an encoder, a streaming service, and one or more dedicated webcams or IP cameras to broadcast.

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