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So when the two of them stepped out hand in hand after one of his shows in New York a few days ago (July 9), the pictures set the internet on FIRE.It's become a bit of a trend on the internet for people to start hurling insults and negative tweets toward Bella when she is spotted hanging out with another guy.Stefan Brogren, aka Archie "Snake" Simpson, became the first person to say the f-word on Canadian television after he used it during Degrassi: School's Out in 1992.

Nicole Stoffman, who played Stephanie Kaye, said she left the show because she was "bored" and "had to move on."9.According to a report in Daily Mail, the TV actor visited Assange five times in four months at his Ecuadorean Embassy in London, where he has been holed up for five years.Assange (45) and Anderson (49) first met in September 2014 to get him to back her foundation that works for female victims of sexual abuse.Amanda Stepto, the woman behind teen mother Christine "Spike" Nelson, was adopted.10.Building a championship roster in the NHL isn't an easy task.

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  2. If you’re using a dating site which is well known for one night stands, you have a higher risk of running into an unsavory character — and an STD to boot. Philip Markoff, the notorious Craigslist killer, was a handsome, rich medical student. Unfortunately sexual predators don’t exclude themselves to tacky dating sites.