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Not only a singer and dancer she is likewise a skilled lyricist, D.

Woods has composed for and worked together with other significant pop/R&B and hip-bounce artist including Danity Kane. Woods is currently the CEO of Woodgrane Entertainment, an independent record label which has released a few ventures by D.

Woods including "The Gray Area" and 2 The Bottom “which were both considered on the 54th and 55th Grammy Ballot for Nominations.

Members later went on to form their own groups, including Dawn Richard joining Diddy-Dirty Money and Aubrey O’Day forming the Dumblonde duo with Shannon Bex.

'We haven't missed a beat, but the growth is incredible.

Wanita Denise Woodgett is better known as her nickname D. She is also a former member of the girl group Danity Kane.

Winning a spot in the pop/R&B young girl group Danity Kane , D.

Woods went ahead to accomplish chart-topping and guaranteed Platinum status, and Guinness Book of World records with Danity Kane's 2 back to back #1 collection debuts on the Billboard charts. Woods also showed up in 2007 film "Step the Yard" and has been part of a few releases in recent years. Woods prepared widely in voice, acting, and all classifications of dance including hip-hop, ballet, modern, and West African and performed in off-Broadway stage and theater creations, ads, and on a visit as a dancer with real recording artists.

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She is also the CEO and founder of Woodgrane Entertainment. Woods since she felt it was less demanding to profess and more critical than her original name.

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