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(There’s a reason why Hough is an Emmy Award winner for choreography!) Though the charismatic Tveit has been on Broadway and on TV for a number of years, many audiences will likely discover him via like?

Here are burning questions about the production answered as you ramp up for the big event.1. More than 100 cast members populate the production, including Julianne Hough (as Sandy) and Aaron Tveit (Danny). The run-through we saw on Saturday was the final complete rehearsal of the show before the live broadcast on Sunday at 7 p.m. Billboard Cover: On the Set of Fox's ' Grease: Live!The latter kicks off the show with an elaborate staging of the film’s title song, a No. Hough’s Sandy is, as expected, sweet as can be -- but also knows her way around a cheerleading routine or two. What's it like seeing Julianne Hough and Aaron Tveit take on the roles that Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta made famous?(And since when is it OK to dismiss an entire art form?Yeah, sure, musicals are “unrealistic”, but more so than Hell’s Kitchen being ‘a bad neighborhood’, anyone putting up with Sherlock for more than a minute, and Aaron Samuels getting into Northwestern?

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Everyone I talk to repeats a familiar chorus: it was a sleepover staple, they watched it over and over until the tape wore out, sang songs from it for their camp karaoke nights.

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