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Before you roll your eyes and dismiss this as another anti-Tebow snark piece, it isn't.

In fact, it's honestly made me rethink everything I've said about him.

Astarta Edwin/Astarta Edwin ....import CD .99 An unusual pairing of bass player Colin Edwin with the close harmonies and distinctive Slavic vocals of top Ukrainian duo Astarta.

This collaborative, eponymous debut release was born out of a chance encounter whilst Colin Edwin was visiting Kiev to perform with his duo Ex-Wise Heads in early 2012.

Creative Campfires and Storytelling Lots of resources and advice for scout camp organisers, which could help any outdoor storyteller.

Includes tips on storytelling, collections of tales and songs to use, planning tips and much more.

For comprehensive links to stories themselves, go to Story Links.

Colin explains, "Whilst working on the Astarta/Edwin material, I purposely stayed away from attempting any sort of interpretation of the lyrics, instead remaining in wilful ignorance of the actual lyrical content.

A Storytelling Miscellany Activities Articles - Articles: story in education - Articles: story in healing and health Background Resources - The Fool Books, Magazines and Recordings - Magazines and Newsletters Children's Literature Cultural Traditions of Storytelling Digital Storytelling Favourite Storytelling Websites History of Stories and Storytelling - Classic Stories - Studies and Projects Homepages - Festivals and Events - Organizations - Storytellers How to Tell Stories Links pages Special Interests - Applying Storytelling - Organizational Storytelling - Storytelling and Education - Storytelling and Healing - Narrative Therapy Story Art and Illustration Storytelling FAQ material Tools and References Training - College Courses - Improvisation Aaron Shepard's Storytelling Page Aaron, a much-published children's author of folktale adaptations offers Tales & Tips on How to Tell a Story, including Gifts of Story - some great traditional tales; An online guide to storytelling; Articles on storytelling; Recommended reading in storytelling, folklore, and mythology - a good selection.

Aristotle's Rhetoric This ancient book is still revered for its thorough and perceptive examination of the art of persuasion and oral speech making.

He won the poll with a whopping 3% of the vote, so it doesn't translate very well into that claim; My guess is he'd also win the same poll asking fans whom their least-favorite athlete is.

Still, there's no doubt Tebow is a big, popular story in America and his popularity as an athlete is skyrocketing.

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Beyond any financial gamble taken with the release (and pre-release) of A Poet’s Life, Armstrong goes out on the limb of the tree where his roots are buried.

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